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When introducing a new ERP system into your organization, it is important to perform an impact assessment to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any potential disruptions. This checklist provides a comprehensive guide to help you identify and assess the impacts of integrating a new ERP system.

1. Define the scope of the impact assessment.

2. Identify all stakeholders who will be affected by the ERP integration.

3. Assess the current state of the organization, including business processes, IT infrastructure, and data.

4. Define the desired state of the organization after the ERP integration.

5. Identify the gaps between the current and desired states.

6. Assess the risks associated with the ERP integration.

7. Develop a plan to mitigate the risks.

8. Implement the ERP integration.

9. Evaluate the results of the impact assessment.

  • Train users on the new system.
  • Go live with the new system.
  • Define the goals and objectives of the ERP integration.
  • Define the scope and objectives of the ERP integration.
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