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Manage all your Digital and IT Budgets in one platform

The DBN Digital Business Budget Management Tool is a comprehensive and efficient platform designed to streamline and optimize the management of budgets within the digital business landscape. This innovative tool empowers organizations to plan, track, and manage budgets effectively, ensuring financial health and alignment with strategic objectives.

With special features for IT and Digital Projects and Demands you will get a swiss army knife for managing all kinds of Digital and IT Budget Management.

Key Features of Digital Business Budget Management Tool

Budget Planning and Allocation

DBN facilitates the creation of detailed budgets, allowing for precise allocation of funds across departments, projects, and initiatives.

Real-time Expense Tracking

The tool offers real-time tracking of expenses and budget utilization, providing visibility into spending patterns and enabling proactive adjustments.

Forecasting and Projections

Advanced forecasting capabilities aid in predicting future expenditures and financial outcomes, enabling proactive decision-making.

Collaborative Budgeting

Facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, allowing teams to contribute to budget planning, ensuring buy-in and alignment with organizational goals.

Customizable Reports and Analytics

Generates customizable reports and analytics, offering insights into financial performance, variance analysis, and areas for cost optimization.

Security and Compliance

Ensures data security and compliance with financial regulations, safeguarding sensitive budgetary information.

Benefits of Digital Business Budget Management Tool

The DBN Digital Business Budget Management Tool serves as a pivotal resource for businesses seeking to maintain financial discipline and optimize resource allocation in the digital landscape. By offering tools for precise budget planning, monitoring, and analysis, it empowers organizations to achieve financial objectives while driving sustainable growth and success.

  • Improved Financial Visibility: Real-time tracking and reporting provide a clear view of financial status, aiding in better decision-making.

  • Enhanced Cost Efficiency: Enables identification of cost-saving opportunities and efficient resource allocation, optimizing financial resources.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Centralized budget planning encourages collaborative decision-making, fostering alignment across departments and projects.

  • Risk Mitigation: Proactive forecasting helps in mitigating financial risks by identifying potential budgetary constraints or overages.


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Digital Business Budget Management Tool Entry
per month / SaaS
  • Basic Features
  • Dashboard
  • 10 Users
  • 100 Digital Budgets Categories
Digital Business Budget Management Tool Premium
per month / SaaS
  • Basic & Advanced Features
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • 30 Users
  • Onboarding Consulting
  • Unlimited Digital Budget Categories
Digital Business Budget Management Workshop
  • Setup of DBN environment
  • Individual Online-Workshop
  • 4 hours
  • Usage of Premium Account for 3 months included
  • Recommendations from our Digital Business Experts for Structuring/Design of Digital Business Budgets Reports

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