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Visualize your Digital Processes and Workflow in a few minutes

The DBN Digital Business Process Management (BPM) Tool stands as an innovative solution designed to facilitate the seamless creation and optimization of digital business processes. This cutting-edge platform empowers businesses to envision, design, and implement structured and efficient workflows tailored to their specific needs.

With special features for IT and Digital Projects you will get a swiss army knife for managing all kinds of Digital Business Processes. Based on the created Processes you can develop a Digital Business App in a few minutes.

Key Features of Digital Business Process Creation Tool

Intuitive Process Design

DBN offers an intuitive interface and tools for designing and visualizing business processes, allowing organizations to create structured workflows aligned with their unique requirements.

Modelling and Simulation

Advanced modeling capabilities enable users to simulate and refine processes before implementation, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Customization and Flexibility

The tool provides flexibility for businesses to customize processes based on evolving needs, fostering adaptability within dynamic market environments.

Collaborative Workspace

Facilitating collaboration among teams, DBN offers a centralized platform for stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and contribute to the process creation and refinement.

Version Control and Documentation

Efficient version control and documentation features ensure transparency and traceability throughout the process creation and evolution stages.

Integration and Compatibility

Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and technologies, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across various business functions.

Benefits of Digital Business Process Creation Tool

The DBN Digital Business Process Creation Tool revolutionizes the process creation landscape, offering a user-friendly platform for designing, simulating, and implementing workflows that drive efficiency and innovation within digital business environments. This tool empowers organizations to create tailored processes that align with their strategic goals, fostering agility and excellence in operations.

  • Efficient Process Creation: Enables the creation of structured and optimized workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and consistency.

  • Iterative Improvement: Simulation and refinement capabilities support iterative improvements, ensuring continuous optimization of processes.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Centralized collaboration fosters teamwork, knowledge sharing, and collective input for creating refined processes.

  • Adaptability and Scalability: Offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate evolving business requirements and growth.

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Digital Business Process Creation Tool Entry
per month / SaaS
  • Basic Features
  • Dashboard
  • 10 Users
  • 3 Digital Projects
  • 10 Processes
Digital Business Creation Tool Premium
per month / SaaS
  • Basic & Advanced Features
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • 30 Users
  • 10 Digital Projects
  • Onboarding Consulting
  • Unlimited Processes
Digital Business Process Workshop
  • As-Is Business Processes or To-Be Business Processes
  • Individual Online-Workshop
  • 4 hours
  • Usage of Premium Account for 3 months included
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